Monday, February 13, 2012

I love swimming!

I made it to the pool on Friday and managed to get a feel for the place. I managed to find my way around (the people working there are so nice!), open my gym lock and share a lane with another swimmer without anything terrible happening. See? That wasn't so bad! I could only stay for 15 minutes, but managed to swim more than a 1/4 mile in the 12 or so minutes I was actually in the pool. I feel good about that time since it was my first workout type swim and since I was probably only putting in a medium effort. I was really mostly there so I wouldn't be so nervous on Sunday. I still managed to be starving before my personal training and had to inhale half an energy bar right before hand. I was also late, so I was pretty wired when I got there. I won't go into the details of the workout, but I will say that fatigued legs seems to be the new theme. As much as it hurts, I appreciate her getting me used to that now in preparation for my triathlon. The one exercise that stuck out was that she made me do walking lunges with weights overhead, but instead of the lighter bar or dumbbells, she had me walk with two 15lb dumbbells overhead. 30lbs doesn't seem like a lot until you are trying to lunge and get yourself back up to take the next step! Her experiment also showed something. I would put the weight down previously but she suspected that if she gave me a heavy weight, I'd keep it up since it was too hard to lift and put back down repeatedly. She was right. I ended up toughing it out and getting it over with quickly. My arms were already tired from swimming. Darn it!

My class on Sunday was so awesome that I can't wait for next week! I was afraid I'd be the slowest swimmer and the biggest newbie, but I wasn't. Everyone else was nervous as well and I ended up trying to make everyone else feel better. I find that happens a lot. I get really nervous about something and end up being a one-woman pep-rally. We mostly did form drills and they were fun, but so tiring! I was really happy with how well I did. We were lined up by speed/ability and I ended up being moved up an bunch of times until I was in the top 1/4. I was already so happy to not be last that I couldn't believe I was actually doing well! My swim fins and new suit are coming this week and I'm so excited. I can't wait to get back there for another workout!

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