Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being a Scaredy

I signed up for a swim class!

I get really nervous when I start anything new that is athletically related. I'm nervous I won't know where to go, have the right stuff, won't be able to work my gym lock...I'm scared I'll be the worst in the class (see also: being last in races. I never was for all that worry.)

However, I'm super excited! The old Jillian would have made some excuse to not sign up due to the unknowns. The new Jillian has forced enough change and trying intimidating things on herself that, while the fear is still there a bit, it's possible to just try. That's it. Just. Try. Get your stuff together, show up with a smile, and your best intentions. Sometimes I find that makes all the difference.

In addition to my current gym membership, I signed up under my husband's school gym membership and now have access to two pools. It was much cheaper than joining the local YMCA and more convenient than the local community pools. It was random chance that I saw this 8 week class, focusing on form and teaching you how to do flip-turns. Mostly I need the form, the turns are an added bonus. In addition, now I will feel like I'm training for my tri with the correct form.

Tonight was another workout with my trainer. I ended up doing about 45 walking lunges on each side, 45 push ups and 45 sit ups as well as planks, squats and some other stuff. I felt good and like my legs got a great workout, but I wish I had stayed focused the entire time. My stomach was hurting and I let it get to me.

I will probably swim on my own just to check the place out on Friday before Sunday's first swim lesson. I'll keep you posted!

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