Saturday, February 4, 2012

Burpee Punishment

How can you not love running to this song?

I KNOW! Coldplay...I'm so original.

But, seriously. I make playlists for treadmill runs so I can bribe myself into doing more than 15 minutes. On rare occasions, I feel like having music when I run outside too. It's kind of a treat to just go out without any specific mission and run along to music.

So, here's today:

Made my right rotator cuff angry right off the bat while changing at the gym (sports bras are perilous).

I was going to attempt to do a spin class and my personal training session, but I was just too tired. That means I have to make up a bit tomorrow, but it won't be as bad after I take a nap today and catch up on sleep tonight. I just went to training. Here's the general run down of what we did.

5 min warm up (6mph run) and stretch pre-session

Walking lunges with a weight bar above my head (I groan whenever she grabs that bar), down and back. I'd guess the room is 50-60 feet long or so.

Walking lunges without the weight down and back.

15 push ups.

Then I had to do a jumping exercise, from ring to ring. I started on my right foot and had to jump to my left and about a foot forward and land on my left foot without touching my right foot down. Then I jumped to the right and about a foot forward, alternating back and forth until I got to the end. Then I went back. I'm not sure how far apart they were, but it was really as far as I could jump, swinging my arms and pushing as hard as I can.

Then I did ball catches where I balanced on my butt, feet off the floor and caught a ball my trainer was throwing from my side. I had to rotate away from her and then throw the ball back. 15 on each side.

Then I balanced on one leg and caught the ball that she was throwing 15 times. She threw it in slightly different directions each time, causing me to really have to use my core to keep my balance. Each time I put my foot down (or hopped around too many times towards the end) I had to do a Burpee. NOOO! Google them if you don't know what they are. No Burpee videos on this blog! Then I switched legs and did 15 more.

After that was two legged jumps on the Gravity Machine for a minute and a wall sit for a minute. That was repeated 3 times with as quick of a transition as possible. Oh holy crap. Wall sits kill! I remember doing 30 seconds and never thinking I could do more. I was a little slow going back and forth, so I had to hurry it up. Part of the point was to work with fatigued, burning legs. It's awesome that she plans workouts now that are already prepping me for my tri!

I did all of that twice for sure, but for some reason I feel like I did part of that sequence more. Maybe the ring jumps? I don't know. You get the point.

Oh, and I did 4 Burpees. Wah wahhhh....

I probably won't post all workouts as detailed as this, but portions of them. This just gives you kind of an idea of what I do.

Now it's lunch time!

I have recipes to share, specifically a healthy stuffed pepper recipe and a chicken and roasted veggie enchilada recipe.

Edited: to mention that after my workout I went to City Sports to buy a swimsuit for tri training and ended up punching myself in the face trying to wriggle into one of them. Good times.

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