Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve!

Today I read a bunch of "reflections on 2013" type posts from the blogs I follow in Feedly and figured I should write my own. But then I thought NAHHHHHH!!! I want to spend time with The Husband on NYE and I always get sucked into writing a longer post than I mean (and here I am, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT). But then, as I'm getting into my car after leaving work, the 5th 11 hour day in a row (and I have 3 more on Th, F, and Sat), I'm thinking, okay, I have all day tomorrow. I can write a 2013/2014 post. What will I write? It's been so complicated. So up and down.

I turn the key and as I'm pulling out of the parking lot, flip through the stations to find one actually playing music. As I pull out onto Rt 9 and I'm trying to think about tomorrows post, I hit 100.7 at the exact moment a song comes on.

Ted Nugent. Stranglehold.

I just posted about that song in my last post! If I'm going to be completely honest I like to run to it and fantasize that I'm some sort of BAMF. I'm just cruising and picking off opponents one by one. Steely expression. Just the sound of my feet and my breathing. Clearly a fantasy, but one of my favorites.

But then I realize it. If not now, when? When I'm back to my lowest weight? Then I can take myself seriously? Or my lowest this year? Is that acceptable? No. No no no no NO!

Now. I want it now. I am it now.

Food is fuel.
Sleep is repair.
Work outs are deposits in the bank.

So that's it. That's 2014. I want to cash a big "check" at the end of the year. A check that will buy a permanent change.


I know...shaking in your boots, right?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And on days like today...

And on days like today, I need a little Nazareth in my life (if you don't know this song, it's NSFW):

And I KNOW! That's not the original version I posted, but I...um...actually like the G n' R version better. I'm a classic rock girl, but I can't help it. This is the one I want when I'm in a REALLY BAD mood.

So, the back story? We got a bunch of snow, all a few hours before and into rush hour and the towns and cities around here didn't do ANYTHING to really clear the roads. It's especially annoying because I don't have a choice about going into work. My job is the type where when everyone is told to stay home except "essential" personel, I'm one of the ones who needs to go in. I love my job, I just wish the people who cared about keeping the roads safe cared about theirs! I'm looking at you, municipal services in the greater Boston area!

You know what I  needed to do? Run it off! I even had a gym session scheduled with my trainer and training partner, but there was no way for all of us to get there on time so we had to cancel it.

When I started running I did it because I felt this need to burn off all that crazy, annoying excess energy from being wound up. Today? If I had the chance, I'd listen to Hair of the Dog on repeat a few times and then end it w/ some Ted Nugent.

You gotta do what you gotta do!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What "never again" really means...

It means I'm signed up for the Cohasset Triathlon again!

This is from the pictures The Husband took. I really love this one!

I said never again because I had such a rough time in the swim this summer. The bike was a hilly blast and the run was still nice even though I was toast. The race itself is AWESOME. The race director does a fantastic job and this event has raise over a million dollars for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. However, I wasn't sure I could agonize over the swim again like I did last summer. The conditions were much better than it has been other years. (You can read the recap from this summers race here.) 

I just couldn't resist though. The thought of sitting it out this year actually almost made me cry! I've done two more triathlons with swims that are twice as far and I feel better about it. This race will also coincide right around the time that my 70.3 triathlon training plan calls for a sprint distance tune up race. What's funny about that is I will surely be FAR better trained for this so called tune up race than any race I've ever done. Well, I'd better be or I will DNF my 70.3.

Wah wahhhh...sad trombone.  Not gonna happen!

Also, you can park at the beach and train on the course. I plan on taking full advantage of this and doing 2-4 loops of the 12 mile course to get some challenging long bike rides in for my 70.3.

So The Husband, being awesome, agree to sign me up again (it's my Christmas present) and will almost definitely end up doing the rides with me too. He's the best trained non-triathlete I know! Well...the only one.

Also, I went through his pictures from the Boston Triathlon and put them on facebook. I realize I never did a race recap. It's pretty much the same as my last Boston Triathlon recap but I was way less nervous and other than the bike leg, undertrained. I pretty much did this one for fun and it was!

This dog was staring and staring at The Husband so he decided to take his picture. He knew I'd love it!

Fun race. Highly recommended!

Sooooo....what have I been up to? Not much and it's not good. I was sick for the first three weeks of November, which I may have mentioned (I can't even remember and my laptop is being a stinker about opening another tab for me to check). Four bottles of liquid daytime medicine and 2 of night time and I came out the other side completely exhausted. As  in, I'd go see my trainer, come home and nap from 1-4pm and then go back to bed at 9 and fall right asleep. I'm a horrible sleeper, so when I sleep like that I know something's wrong. I'm finally feeling a little better, but little stupid things keep happening to set me back a bit. It's really annoying. I was supposed to start my off season training weeks ago and it hasn't happened. I'll do a couple of days, but not the whole thing. I have time, I was going to have to do the ten weeks twice to keep busy, but I don't want to waste time. Plus, all this down time is not getting me any closer to "race weight." Precisely the opposite, in fact. But hey, persistence, not perfection, right?

Speaking of my laptop. Mine is a 6 year old macbook. You know, the kind with the white plastic casing? Yeah. I'm surprised it works at all too. Anyway, it is so slow and at this point, the software updates are too new for it. Wah. The Husband has done a bunch to spiff it up and keep it running but you can only do so much. So, sorry for the sporadic posts. Between being so tired and it being so  much effort to convince it to let me write a post (and not delete it 75% of the way through THANKYOUVERYMUCH), I just haven't written anything. I'd like to write shorter more frequent posts, but I'm not sure how realistic that is before the holidays either! I feel guilty taking the money for a new laptop out of what I normally earn and put towards bills, so I'm waiting for the end of the month for when I have some overtime. I may actually have enough to pay for the whole thing with just OT. We'll see!