Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve!

Today I read a bunch of "reflections on 2013" type posts from the blogs I follow in Feedly and figured I should write my own. But then I thought NAHHHHHH!!! I want to spend time with The Husband on NYE and I always get sucked into writing a longer post than I mean (and here I am, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT). But then, as I'm getting into my car after leaving work, the 5th 11 hour day in a row (and I have 3 more on Th, F, and Sat), I'm thinking, okay, I have all day tomorrow. I can write a 2013/2014 post. What will I write? It's been so complicated. So up and down.

I turn the key and as I'm pulling out of the parking lot, flip through the stations to find one actually playing music. As I pull out onto Rt 9 and I'm trying to think about tomorrows post, I hit 100.7 at the exact moment a song comes on.

Ted Nugent. Stranglehold.

I just posted about that song in my last post! If I'm going to be completely honest I like to run to it and fantasize that I'm some sort of BAMF. I'm just cruising and picking off opponents one by one. Steely expression. Just the sound of my feet and my breathing. Clearly a fantasy, but one of my favorites.

But then I realize it. If not now, when? When I'm back to my lowest weight? Then I can take myself seriously? Or my lowest this year? Is that acceptable? No. No no no no NO!

Now. I want it now. I am it now.

Food is fuel.
Sleep is repair.
Work outs are deposits in the bank.

So that's it. That's 2014. I want to cash a big "check" at the end of the year. A check that will buy a permanent change.


I know...shaking in your boots, right?

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