Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oysters and an Old Fashioned

The Husband and I took a trip up to Maine to visit family this weekend. It's really nice to get to see everyone, relax and to get away from the city. Nothing like relaxing and sharing good food and drinks.

We did a lot of cooking this weekend. Beef stew, tuscan bean soup, cookies, pie, bread and baked french toast (hello carbs!). I decided I needed a grown up cocktail to go along with this. At the same time, The Husband decided he wanted oysters. Off we went!

The Husband also wanted to learn to shuck oysters. At the local seafood market they had oyster knives, so he bought one of those and a quick internet tutorial later....we had oysters!

That's about as much of The Husband as he'll let on here.

He also graciously made my cocktail. I say he makes them better. Mostly because I don't have to make it myself!

You'll need:

Angostura bitters
Maraschino cherries
Lemon (rind for a twist and a slice for garnish)
Orange (slice for garnish)

In a rocks glass (or any small glass), muddle:

one maraschino cherry (I also like to add a little liquid from the jar)
1 tsp of sugar

Add a splash of water and twist the lemon rind over the glass (drop the twist in too)

Add 2oz bourbon, a few ice cubes and your lemon and orange slices.

I like to squeeze the juice from the slices into my drink as well. Your choice!

I also squeezed in a workout that was due for Saturday. It was freezing rain out so I really didn't want to run in that and the dirty slush in the road. However, there was a "gazelle" machine at my inlaws house so I decided to try that. I did 30 min of 2 min moderate pace and 1 min sprint. The gazelle is like an elliptical, kind of, but there's no electronics to it to control the resistance. I thought it may have been a tad easy, but...well...I can barely walk today! My calves and all down the back of my lower legs KILL! Work and the gym should be fun tomorrow.

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