Sunday, January 19, 2014

Update on this week

Well....I didn't do either the spin class of the swim. Yep.

Let me distract you here with a training playlist favorite...

My days off from work this week were Thursday, Friday and Sunday (I work four 10 hour shifts). However, there was an opportunity to work an extra 10 hours of OT and get ahead on a pile of paperwork, so I offered to help out. I went in on Thursday, which was the day I wanted to go check out the pool. Turns out missing it was okay, because I just found out that I have a chance to rejoin the group swim class I had been taking back when I had a Harvard Athletic membership. The class registration opens on Monday, but allegedly I cannot register until Monday the 27th if the spots have not been filled by members. Realistically, it looks like anyone can register whenever they want, even before tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

Ideally I will end up in one of those classes. They are pretty much identical to the warmup/drills/swim/cooldown that my off season plan and eventually my training plan call for. The advantage is that I have someone watching me for the 8 classes and giving me feedback and it means I won't skip class or slack off in the workout. If I do get a spot, I won't sign up for the pool until later this spring since I will only be scheduled to do the one swim workout anyway. I would have just kept the Harvard membership and had access to the pool and the early sign up, but since The Husband has graduated, it's quite a bit more expensive as an alumni. That's why I will eventually be checking out the cheaper community pool later on, I just hopefully won't need it for a few months now.

I really have no excuse for skipping spin on Friday other than being exhausted. I slept so horribly all week that I crashed Thursday night and slept until almost 11 on Friday. Spin was at 8:45 and I knew I needed the sleep more. I also realize that the time is coming very soon where I will need to train more and that there will be some benefit to learning to train fatigued. I'm off next Friday (and will not be exhausting myself with OT) so I should be able to make the same class next week.

The triathlon series I've been promising is mapped out and the first one partly completed. Coming soon!

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