Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am still working on the tri series. The swim will be up next, I'm just really really paranoid I'm going to forget something that I want to share. I'm going through my emails, because I have lots of good stuff saved from swim class and from triathlon athlete letters. Also, the world is conspiring to never let me get to spin class. Either my work or training schedule has changed and prevented me from going. I will go and update you when it happens. Good news though! I got into my swim class! It starts on 2/11.

So anyway. A few of the blogs I read do a Friday Faves rundown, usually of things that come up during the week, and I really enjoy them. we go (product title is a link when available):

I bought this on a whim, because I love the smell of fresh figs. I started using it right around when I started swim classes and now the scent or fig and chlorine, and the happy memories from training for my first tri, are intertwined. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way and I don't use it all the time. I got my last tube for Christmas 2012 and still have some.

While I do like the grapefruit version, I'm talking about the original formula with peppermint. It's amazing. I use it all year round and just bought 5 more tubes at CVS. I have one in every jacket and purse and also in my gym toiletry bag. You need this in your life.

Booo. It appears that it may not be available now and that I discovered it just as the last of it was being put out. It was only $4.99 and amazing! I mostly used it to drizzle over some air-popped popcorn and it went pretty quick! I highly recommend keeping your eye out for it.

I get really annoying pimples on my chin and this is one of the very few scrubs that works but doesn't feel harsh. My skin feels amazing after I use it! And, thanks to writing this post, I just realized I can buy two of them on amazon with the gift card I have. I originally bought it at Whole Foods, but haven't seen it there recently.

I'll let you just click the link above and check it out. I found it a few months ago while browsing through iBooks on my phone. I haven't read anything like it in quite a while, but I was sucked in right away. It's a pretty quick read and I was sad when it was over.

Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank

I KNOW. It's a $42 tank top. I know, I know!!! But let me tell you that I have a few (let's just say a few, mmkay?) and I live in them. I workout in them, I sleep in them, I wear them out in the summer and layer them in the winter. My very very favorite one looks to be back in stock. It's the "wee stripe white heathered medium grey" color. I have had this one for YEARS and sometimes hand wash it in the sink because I can't handle when it's dirty and I can't wear it. I end up sleeping in this on a lot and it has still kept it's shape. I might need to order a couple more of this one. I always regret when I love something and don't buy extras. I also have some cool colors too - hot pink, dark aqua, heathered charcoal.

Capri Blue Jar Candle - Aloha Orchid

I love this candle. It was an impulse buy a few years ago that ended up being a favorite. A guy friend even saw it and exclaimed, "my wife buys those! They smell so good!!!"

Vanderpump Rules

Yeah, I'm not sorry. I seriously love this show and I have no idea why. Even Time agrees, even if they admit the show is trashy. So there you have it.

Wyndmere Lavender Oil

That and my eye mask/pillow that I can't find a picture of. I have an eye mask that I got at Whole Foods that has extra padding under the eyes so light doesn't get up under the mask next to your nose. I brush a little oil onto my pillow, put the mask and and I might actually sleep the whole night. During the summer, I wake up as soon as it's light out and it's really annoying. The mask helps with the light and the lavender makes me sleepy. Just be careful of how much oil you use. Some people are really sensitive to it and it's not recommended to put right on your skin undiluted. I used too much once and ended up congested the next day.

Commanderie de Peyrassol

I love rosé, as I think you've gathered now. Don't confuse it with your great aunt's white zinfandel (aka pink wine!). This is slightly sweet and minerally. It's really special. It should start appearing in about 2 months, just when spring starts to hint at a warm up.

I first saw it mentioned in Formaggio Kitchen's blog a few years ago and apparently it's come up again:

This is a fairly interesting profile on the estate:é-“commanderie-de-peyrassol”

and it was #1 in a New York Times taste test:

I drink rosé year round, even though I think of it as a year round wine. Well, except the Peyrassol, which starts to disappear in May. It also goes from about $20 a bottle, which is quite enough, to closer to $30 as it gets more scarce.

Well, that's it for today. Happy Friday!

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