Friday, January 17, 2014

A neeeeeeeew computerrrrrrr!

(said with a Price Is Right style hand flourish of course)

The Husband and I headed over to the Boylston St store in Boston so I could decide on the 11" or 13" MacBook Air. I knew what I wanted for storage, I just had to choose the size. I felt like the added portability of the smaller one would outweigh the drawback of the smaller screen, but I still wasn't sure. It was a pretty hard choice. The small one looked a lot smaller than I imagined, but the 13" still was bigger than I wanted. I'd really like to be able to throw it in an oversized purse and take it with me whenever I want. Once I played around with the settings on the 11, I was sold. I ended up buying the 11" with 256G of storage. Woot woot!

Of course, I am sitting here looking at it in the box, because The Husband had to run to a meeting. I know it will be easy to get started, but with my luck I will do something to mess it up. I'm just going to be patient and wait a couple of hours. I had to wait almost a month after I decided I was going to buy it with the extra money I'd get from the over time hours I worked. As he was leaving the house, he laughed and said, "NOW what are you going to complain about?! Well, at least you have the next two hours to think about it while you wait for me!" I laughed, because it's totally true, and replied, "well, I still have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 on it, so all hope is not lost!" Hopefully once I get the Air running I can update my phone. My old laptop won't support the new software for my phone.

Funny thing about complaining - a few years ago I was telling The Husband that I felt like all I did was complain. Almost like I had to fill the dead airspace with something and that something was constantly griping. I don't love being in a bad mood and I certainly didn't want to bring everyone around me down. It was almost like it was a hobby to me. 

Let me just pull my rocker up to the front window so I can keep an eye on those kids!

So I said, "that's it! I'm driving myself crazy! I'm going to try and not complain for an entire day. Just one day to see if I can do it."

I went off to work and started my shift at 6am that next day. By 8:30 I was still doing well, but it took a lot of concentration. Coworker #1 and I were standing at a station getting stuff prepped for our tasks later. Yep. Still plenty of stuff to complain about. Endless possibilities. Not gonna do it. Coworker #1 walks away and #2 comes over a minute later while I'm finishing my prep.

"Um...I just wanted to check on you. Are you okay?"

I'm a little bewildered. None of us really know one another that well at this point, so everyone kind of gives everyone else some space. Besides the fact that nothing is actually wrong, I'm surprised she spoke up.

"What? I'm okay! What do you mean?!"

"'s just've been REALLY quiet today"

And that my friends, is how you know when you complain too much!

I did actually learn from this and have made a big effort to cut the crap. Except for when my laptop made me crazy. Or my phone acts like it's possessed. Which is like, all the time. No more! I can't wait for a time when, if I accidentally click on iPhoto, it won't ruin the entire rest of my afternoon while it tries to load and gives me the pinwheel of death.

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