Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

Reason #1 I will be alone on Valentine's Day! (ok maybe The Husband will be busy at school). Via gchat:

The Husband:  oh yeah, last night you were all taking up the WHOLE bed and I tried to move you and you were like "ih cant"

me:  HAHAHAAAA. omg I actually loled. im crying. thats f'ing hilarious. i actually woke up and told you i cant?

TH:  yep

me:  and then?

TH:  you went back to sleep

Such is his life. I am a light sleeper and I don't remember this at all. Thanks rum left over from the blizzard! I'd promise you a post about the blizzard and most of you would be like, "yeah, right, just like your vacation posts (hey! I still have those pictures....I can still post them!)" and the rest of you would be like, "please no...I've seen enough from you on facebook!

To give you a quick update: I've still been good about the 5 x per week workouts and I start a 75 minute intermediate swim class (read: focus on form/speed) on Sunday to start preparing for my summer triathlons. I'm signed up for the Cohasset sprint on 6/30 and once I get paid I'll sign up for the Boston sprint (which was my first and only so far). I also plan on doing an Olympic distance, but may need to wait until we get our tax return to pay for that.

As far as weight, I gained a bunch through the holidays and now, but have dropped 5lbs of it in the last few weeks. I'll give you some insight on that soon, but I want to put some decent (not 20 minutes before bedtime) thought into it.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! I used to hate the commercial-ness of the day until my most recent job softened me a bit (and I married my high school sweetheart so I don't know what my problem was). If you're single it's ok. It's most important to love yourself, your family and your friends. Treat yourself to a workout, a manicure/massage/facial, a candy bar you have to eat while hiding in the closet from your kids so you don't have to share, a home cooked meal or whatever makes you happy!

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