Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Suprise

As for every other year, I "cancelled" Valentine's Day. It was fun back in high school and college and fairly easy when he worked for a flower and garden company, but now...I've had enough. I really don't need any more chocolate around here and with him in graduate school, I can't justify either of us spending money on flowers that will die. Although I most likely killed our staghorn fern that was supposedly easy to take care of, so live plants may not be any good for me either. See? No presents! Cancelled! Long waits at overcrowded restaurants where the food and service will probably be rushed? No thank you. I'll see you on Saturday. Cancelled!

All day at work everyone was talking about their dinners plans, people were giving out candy and I was getting a little sad. Not for missing the presents, or even the dinner, but I knew he'd be at school until after midnight. I just wanted him to be home. Which is stupid, because why does Hallmark decide I miss my husband more on one day?

I stay about 30 minutes late at work and then spend 60 minutes driving the 9 miles home. That's with a commute in the opposite direction of typical rush our, but the remaining snow still has the roads pretty messed up. I finally get home and rush around he building to get inside, because I'm exhausted and really hungry. It's funny that I normally look up at our windows to see if the light's on (he's home), even if I know the answer, but I didn't yesterday.

I opened the door to out apartment, which leads to a closet at the bottom of the stairs that take you up into the actual living space. This light was on. That's weird. Did one of us leave them on? The tv is off. Maybe he's not home. Bummer. But he never leaves them on. I do that.

I go up the stairs and HE'S HOME!!! I was so happy I jumped up and down. The I see, he redid the glass hanging terrarium that he gave me a year ago....that I forgot to water...forever...and it died. He had gone way out of his way the day before to get the succulents from a nursery and put it together just before I got home. 

If I hadn't stayed late, it would have ruined the surprise. If I had looked up when I got out of the car it would have ruined the surprise. I am a MAJOR chronic surprise ruiner. It's always a random accident or coincidence that I find out. It's like my crappy superpower. If you try to surprise me I will find out even though I don't want to. Except yesterday!

He also went and got an assortment of maracons. I can't even believe he remembered that I love them. I just had them for the first time recently, but they were frozen. They were still so good that I mentioned how amazing they must be fresh. He also got me a nice card and champagne. I was so surprised and shocked, and felt so bad I didn't do ANYTHING for him that I started crying. Haha. Yup. I sure did. I can't believe he took all that time when he was so busy. That's what really meant a lot.

So I guess I have to officially un-cancel Valentine's Day!

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