Wednesday, May 2, 2012

run2012summer playlist!

Yup, that's the playlist title. I'm so creative! 

I used to edit my playlists as I went, but then I got nostalgic for my first running paylist, which didn't exist anymore. Now I just make new ones as I go, even if there's a lot of overlap. This is most of my current one, which is still in progress.

Let me digress a bit right here. I'm hearing the push back from the non-music purists. I hear ya. I don't run in races so I can experience EVERYTHING, good and bad, about the race. Some of my best memories are due to the spectators that I'd miss if I had an ipod on. I also run without music on 90% of my outdoor runs. This is especially true if I'm doing "quality work," ie speedwork or at pace long runs. I don't want to practice these with music, which generally makes my runs easier, when that won't be the reality on race day. Unfortunately, since triathlon training and half marathon training will overlap I won't have much time for extra fun runs. I'm probably going to be doing something along the line of the FIRST training plan that incorporates 3 quality running days (such as a day of track repeats, a tempo run and an at pace long run) with 2 cross training days (bike and swim for the tri), plus the 2 days of strength I do with my trainer. I do use music on the treadmill (yeah a bribe) and when I just have the urge to go out for fun with a soundtrack. This past week, I was excited about my new Bad A** sunglasses and just wanted to get out with them, my hot pink compression socks and some music.

Here's 10 selections from my list:

#1 - If you're not totally sick of this song, but instead, obsessively channel hop while driving to catch this song as many times as you can (my record = 4 times in a row!) then you get it. If not, you're groaning right now and can skip this one. I'm telling you. Starting a run the way I did with this song was a highlight. Plus it was a crisp, clear, bright and sunny 60º.

#2 "And it's hard to dance, with the devil on your back. So skake him off. Oh woah!"

I'm posting some of these with lyrics instead of the videos, because I prefer my memories and vision of the song more than the video. There are a few songs out there that I won't watch the video to so I don't mar a particularly special memory.

#3 Get this remix. The original song is good, but I like this version so much better. I LOVE this version, actually. If you haven't seen it, maybe wait a bit to watch the video. I'm not crazy about it at all.

#4 This is a nod to St Patrick's Day and Joshua Tree, who did and amazing job playing at The Burren.

#5 I know I mentioned this song before, but it's still a lot of fun to run to!

#6 IRONMAN KONA!!! I always thought I had to earn my way to the athletic clothing, neon compression socks and cool-guy sunglasses by learning to run fast first. Then I realized it's all mental. Wear what you want, put on your game face and go out and run. No one knows that you're running a 10 minute mile at the beginning. For all they know you've been out for hours. Take yourself seriously, show up dressed and ready for the role you want and RUN. No one's going to call you up later to fill in for the part. Claim it yourself.

#7 Yeah, I like Linkin Park. WHAT OF IT?

#8 I  love men in uniform, am obsessed with the ocean and anything maritime, rescue swimmers and the movie The Guardian. I just found out that my awesome swim coach just joined the Coast Guard Auxilliary to coach their swimmers and she is my new hero. I mentioned my favorite movie and she was like, "YES! I LOVE that movie!" You know...'cause she's awesome! When I'm having a particularly tough time in class I think of this song. Not the real video, but this version:

#9 This is just a good, head-down gut-it-out at the end of the run song:

#10 Another fun. song. I'm sorry. I just love them! This is a great celebratory end of run song. If my run is longer than this list, I just repeat this song or go back to We Are Young.

That's it! Have fun! (and listen to fun. SERIOUSLY)

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