Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ouch! My butt!

What is wrooooooooong with me?! (yup, I'm whining)

I went to training on Monday. It was the same day we revamped my food plan. My left leg felt weird. It felt kind of like my hamstrings were sore, but also like someone punched me in the glute.  But it wasn't exactly sore, or tight or like a pull. I figured, whatever, I'm 33. I know that's not OLD but I definitely get sore and tight way easier than I used to and sometimes I really have to think to figure out why.

It was really strange though. All I did was swim, and if anything, I end up with calf cramps. That swim was the one time I felt fantastic the entire time! I was exhausted (and starving!) but not sore. So, whatever. I stretched and foam rolled and mentally blew it off.

Today it's starting to freak me out. It is just as bad, if not worse and when I foam roll, I can feel the knot popping back and forth as I pass over the roller. I can't figure out for the life of me exactly where it is. It's right where the base of my glute/butt meets the top of my thigh/hamstrings. Like, you know when a girl wears too short shorts and you think, "hey...I can kinda see her butt"? Right there! How the F do you get a knot there? Watching too much television? (oh.....hmmm...) When I can isolate the knot on the roller, my leg almost starts to tingle, but it never really does. I also can't isolate it to the point where it hurts in that awesome way that I can get rid of it. It's so WEIRD.

I'm going to go ahead and stay off google. It's bugging me, because I don't know how I did it and it doesn't feel like any other time I've have a knot or pull. ARRRRGH!!!

In other news, I went and tested out my new BA sunglasses on a run today:

They are SO awesome! I have been looking for polarized sport sunglasses that are impact resistant and look good for a while. I REALLY wanted white frames and red lenses and Oakley had exactly what I wanted! 

Confession: I have wanted to be one of the "cool" people who wore Oakley sunglasses like this since the early 90s. I'm still not cool, but now I can justify the glasses. Finally!

That's it. Sore butt and sunglasses. The run didn't make it hurt worse, but it still hurts. I was hoping maybe I could warm up and stretch out of it. Oh well!

* edit: I forgot. My eye has been twitching on and off since Tuesday morning and between that and my butt I am going to Lose. My. Mind.

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