Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick Update

I keep promising I'll update more and then don't. My bad! I'm not sure what I was thinking being like, "hey...I work full time and am adding a really intense training schedule to my life. Let's write a blog too! Also: take lots of naps." The naps win.

Hello. My name is Jillian and I love naps.

The day after my last post, on the 19th, I saw a guy who does sports massage. My trainer mentioned this being a good idea a while ago, but at this point she told me to go right home, call him and make an appointment for that week. Also, that she was friends with him and would know if I did not do this. Hahaa...again, she knows me pretty well. She knows I hate new/unknown situations. It turns out he's also a personal trainer who had worked at my gym, so that was nice. I kind of already knew who he was and that he was really nice. Then, when I called him, I found out he works out of his home and works one block from me! Anyway, he asked a lot of great questions about what I was experiencing, my training and my background and I was pretty excited to meet up.

I cannot even tell you the world of difference he made. I only went for a lower leg massage/stretching and it worked out every issue I had, between the work he did (in 30 minutes!) and the stretching tips he gave me. He also gave me a lacrosse ball and showed me how to find knots/pressure points and release them. I went from being a little depressed and thinking I had a chronic problem that would not allow me to work as hard as I wanted to, to having an easy workable solution. I had been having ankle pain for a while that would always initially start at the outer edge of my foot, often at the midpoint. I had a suspicion that it was the peroneal tendon because that's where it inserts on the bone (this is where I tell you not to self-diagnose). There has never been any trauma to that area, but the last time I ignored it, it bruised and swelled like I had fallen on it. A trip to the doctor showed nothing and I didn't push investigating it further, thinking it was a one time deal. What he found during the massage was that I had tight soleus muscles and most likely tight deeper muscles. The muscles that attach to the peroneal tendon. I mentioned my suspicion and he really felt the tight muscles were the cause. It made a lot of sense. I always noticed my lowed calf muscles would get tight and then the next day my foot would hurt. Well, after seeing him and taking his tips I felt completely better.

That week of training was great! I was doing my usual strength and running routine. I had my first long run since I hurt my foot Labor Day weekend. 11 miles last Friday. For some reason I psyched myself out and got super nervous. If I failed to stay uninjured on this run, I would likely be told not to attempt this Sunday's and would have to run my race with 9 miles being my strongest long one. I had super bad stomach cramps and could not mentally get there. It was also really warm and the air was like soup. It was disgusting. While I barely ran a sub 11 minute pace and my goal was to run it at my 10:42 goal, I was happy that I struggled through, didn't have any pain and still did ok. Although, it did allow for some room for the crazy brain troll to march around and tell me I was still too slow to take myself as seriously as I do. I hate that guy. I never started to improve until I did start getting serious about it.

The next day was a 5 miler. It was actually ok, but I was tired from work. The day after, Sunday, was a 5k. Not the best planning, but my parents, husband and I had been planning on it since last year's and I really enjoy it. I hindsight, I realized I woke up feeling kind of funny. I brushed it off to allergies and not sleeping well. Oh, and running 16 miles in two days after an injury and a big break. I ran a 32:20 which is an official 10 second PR, but it's 4 (FOUR!!!) minutes slower than I did in practice. I pretended to be happy, but since people kept on reminding me that it suddenly got sunny and hot (about 80) and that I was having stomach problems, they probably knew I was lying. The last 1.1 miles was a blur of a stomach cramp so bad that it made me dizzy. Also, I gagged really bad at the finish line. Gross. Oh well! Is it fall yet? Two years ago it was 41 and dry at the start of the half marathon. This year may be high 60s and rainy. No! I want mid 50s and crisp!

The best part of all of that was that my legs felt like I did absolutely nothing all weekend. I was sure I'd be sore and tight after all of that. 19 miles in 3 days! Before training I didn't run that in a week on a regular basis. I was actually second guessing myself that I didn't push myself hard enough, but I knew that wasn't the case. I had finally figured out what was going on with my legs. I stretched, foam rolled and used the lacrosse ball every day. It was my nighttime-tv-floor routine!

The bad news? I felt weird because I was coming down with a cold that would knock me on my butt! I saw my trainer Monday and after that I was a mess. I missed my 5 miler Tues and my last set of 400s on Thursday. Thursday I worked 6am until they sent me home at 1 and then slept until 7pm. I woke up when my husband came home and then went back to bed at 11. I slept the entire night until he got up at 7. I'm normally a terrible sleeper, so I was REALLY tired. Today I saw my trainer again and she had me do about half of the 400s and some weights. Then I saw the massage guy again and felt like a million bucks later. Anyone in this area who wants his info, let me know!

Also, can I say that I feel like a super productive grown up because, not only did I get my cracked windshield and shredded wipers replaced on Monday, but I actually remembered to get my car inspected before the sticker expired. I mean...not that I've ever forgotten before...and gotten a ticket from the meter maid...

This week: 3 miles tomorrow, 12 miles Sunday, strength Monday and a few easy runs early in the week. I'll see massage guy Monday or Wednesday and then...dun, dun, DUNNNNN next Sunday the 9th is race day!

Up next: Spiced Pumpkin Bread. I will be working on this immediately since I cannot have slice #2 until I have posted the recipe!

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