Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh, hi...(injury update)

Last Sunday was my first run since hurting my foot. It went ok. I'd give it a C+ if it had to get a grade. I was supposed to do 3 miles and stopped at 2. A mile in, my foot felt "weird." After two it was sore again. I limped the mile home and waved for the second time at the two nice men who alway sit on their stoop on Westland with their dogs on Sundays and say, "hi, runner girl!" or "nice day for a run, run one for us!" Haha. They're actually really nice, and it makes my day.

It was an amazingly crisp, bright blue day. Just like it was on the 11th 10 years ago. I won't get into it any further since, a week later many of us must be relieved to be beyond the anniversary. I will say that even hurt, I was grateful. There was just such a clarity to last Sunday. As I walked home I felt like I was finally 100% in the current moment. Everything felt, looked and sounded different. I'm healthy, have my family and friends and my job. What do I really have to complain about? A sore foot? Put some ice on it!

I did my bike training and some short runs. After I got home Sunday, I realized that my foot had immediately stopped hurting. That was a first. Previously, once it started up, it had stayed that way. As of now, almost a week later, I have managed a few 3 and 4 mile runs without pain. Tomorrow is 5. Three weeks from tomorrow is the race. I'm half excited and half terrified. My goal pace is 10:42. That is extremely ambitious, based on previous race paces (although maybe not so much on current practice race paces). It ended up I told my trainer it was my "crazy ambitious pie-in-the-sky goal pace" and then she was like, "okay here is 12 weeks based on something you think is unrealistic, but I am here to prove you wrong." Okay, she didn't say that, but that's the general theme. I really can't question her. She knows me so well that sometimes (a lot of times) she knows stuff about me I don't. 

So anyway. #1 I am a total liar for promising you posts about various trips and recipes and then holding out. I wiiiiiiilll... #2 darn it....what was #2?! I'll keep you posted on the training? Or something?

Anyway, the rest of the year looks like:

10/9 - BAA Half Marathon!
Maybe a 10K for fun the week after. It's for firefighters and they're pretty awesome, so...
A Thanksgiving Turkey trot or two.
A Jingle Bell run or two.

The End! Of 2011 anyway.

Next year (like how I'm already thinking of next year when this year is so far from done?)...there is a little devil (you know who you are!) birdie on my shoulder that is suggesting a triathlon. Not sitting on the couch watching hours of the Kona Ironman World Championships and crying, not talking about how much I want to do a tri, not petting the bikes in every sporting goods store I go into. Actually. Doing. One. Based on the results I've had from cross training the past few weeks, and the fact that I actually want to do one but was too consumed by the half to really commit, it's something to think about. A sprint tri that is.

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