Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moooooove.......get out the way. Get out the way. GET OUT THE WAY.

My brain automatically soundtracks my life. Sometimes I wish it wasn't the superpower I had been blessed with. I guess I could have been stuck with the make-yourself-a-blanket-burrito-while-you're-sleeping-and-the-only-person-who-can-free-you-is-the-person-you-stole-the-covers-from power. Oh. Hmmm...

So yeah, tonight was a recovery run which basically ended up with me running next to and harrassing or just behind and heckling The Husband. At one point, I was actually ahead of him a few feet and almost had to elbow-drop some dude who was managing to take the entire path with himself and his Whole Foods bag. I growled in my head, but guess what! My filter's broken and I maybe kind of went HRRRRRrrrrrr!!! at a stranger. The Husband only saw the sneer that was the end result and looked confused, so I flicked my head back at the path-hogger and made the Universal Flying-Elbow sign. Tangent: Does anyone else's husband think it's funny to pretend to elbow drop you Every. Time. you lay down anywhere? See...this WOULD be funny and not cause me such anxiety, except for that time I tried to roll out of the way and DID end up getting an elbow in the kidney.


He still look confused at my salty attitude so I turned around, pointed at the guy (who was wayyyyy far away now) and went, "Mooooooooove....get out the way, get out the way, GET OUT THE WAY" (Ludacris? Anyone?) while doing an interpretive dance. And running. Running with lime green compression socks on. THEN he got it, but I was on a roll! "Beep beep (whoop whoop!), why you all in my ear, talking a whole lot of (SHHH) that I ain't trying to hear?  GET BACK..." I wasn't even thinking of the normal (censored...haha) version of the video I'm used to, but THIS VERSION (NSFW) thanks to Angry Cube Dweller.

This is the point where he shakes his head and says, "you suuuuure have a lot of energy to be chasing me around this path singing Ludacris" and I started skipping and sing, "after woooorking thirrrrteeeen hoooooo-uuuuuuurs!" and then add, "meh...I think I just used it all up."

Lucky for him he can run faster than me.

My workout schedule has been kind of jacked up this week since SOMEONE didn't do their long run on Sunday and then the universe (ahem work, I'm looking at YOU) made my Tues night run impossible. Did I mention my super awesome trainer made me my very own personal training plan? I see her twice a week and she is ALL OVER IT. Like, pulls it up and grills me on each workout, because I need it.

Monday was strength training with her and a 3 mile run that night. In between we walked all over the place going to the farmers' market, food trucks (or as it sounds in my head FOOOOOOOOOD TRUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!) and the Chihuly show at the MFA. Holy waiting in line. It was a cool exhibit, but REALLY.

Tuesday was 13 hours of work and a failed attempt at a 3 miler.

Wednesday started off with a girl coming up to me while I was stretching before my workout and saying, "are you her 9am? I'm not sure what her deal is today, but she tried to kill me. She said your workout is even worse. Okgoodluckwiththatbyeeee!" If she only knew that I was already lined up to be "On Punishemnt." Trainer lady was not amused at my missed run, so I got to do 400s. YAY! Really I had to do them because she wanted to make sure I was pushing myself, but it felt like punishment. She was going to make me do something else in "40 seconds" but I was like, "really?! What?! WHAT TIME IS IT?! My everything hurts, I can't feel most of my upper leg, and I'm missing part of my right pointer toe because my middle toenail scratched it off sometime between 400 number 5 and 400 number 6." Then I felt like a giant baby. There were only 10 minutes left, so she wrote out 30 minutes of strength for me to do on my own when we were done and I still had to run 3 miles that night. I did and I felt like I was dragging someone else's sand-filled legs the whole time.

Today? Work 13 hours and a 3.5 miler. Surprisingly, I ran the first two mile in 9:10 each, with a little break at the water fountain (BUBBLAH!) between them. Then I remembered it was supposed to be a recovery run, because I have 6 miles tomorrow. I ran the last part in about 11. My lower legs were starting to feel a bit battered, so I wore compression socks at work (I should regardless...sigh...) and then wore a good running pair for my run tonight. I think they really do help. I also think it helps my foot line up in the shoe better not having a looser sock and I can lace my sneakers with out having a nervous breakdown. Or re-lacing 15 times.

Tomorrow is 6 miles, Saturday is work and no workout and Sunday is a last minute 10K!

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