Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Basil Pear Margarita - It's Cocktail Time!

Basil Pear Margarita

This cocktail is inspired by a margarita I had earlier this summer that was made with cilantro. It's also inspired by the fact that the smell of basil at the Government Center farmer's market was irresistible and that there was no way we would make enough gazpacho to use it all. Or salad. Or turkey burgers topped with basil. Or whatever-you-call-that-basil-tomato-mozzarella-salad-but-I-forget-right now. Or....or... 

Can I also say how much I love that the super peppy, excited about his vegetables guy who sold it to us was the actual owner of the farm? I recognized him from the about section when I checked out what vendors would be there. I wanted to hug him and say, "hey, I know as a 7 year resident of Boston that I'm a little slow on the uptake on this whole farmer's market thing, but thank you for growing food that...

wait for it....


I hadn't even TRIED the heirloom tomatoes that The Husband tried to convince me were gross, but next time I'm going to march up, hold one above my head, and sing, "I looooooooove....your tomatooooooooes!!!" (that's all I have folks). Okay, maybe I'll just sniff them, because I have, to The Husband's dismay, to sniff everything and then sing in my head. But they're that good. You know how I feel if you have heard me rant about the bygone days of strawberries and tomatoes actually tasting like...strawberries and tomatoes. Gasp!

Oh, what? You want to know what's in the cocktail? Allrightythen!

Basil Pear Margarita

juice of one lime
a decent bunch of basil
2oz white tequila (I like Herradura)
2oz pear juice
splash of triple sec, pear liqueur or peach liqueur (optional)

Juice the lime into the shaker, add the basil and muddle. Don't have a muddler? Just smash it up with whatever you have. I ended up using about 1/4c of loosely packed basil leaves to get it to taste "basil-ey" enough. Add an ice cube or 2 if you are having trouble mashing up the basil. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake. You will probably want to strain most of the leaves out, but be fun, and leave some in. Pear nectar would be even better if you can find it. I only had some lame-o organic pear juice boxes from another cocktail project.

Oh? How did I get such cute perfectly square ice cube like the fancy cocktail places chip by hand? We got the trays at Homegoods and The Husband was totally all We. Don't. Need. That. and I was TOTALLY  all You. Will. Thank. Me. Later.  

I was right! I'll go ahead and point these situations out as we go along...(AHEM! citrus squeezer we use all the time....)


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