Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Training recap


I feel like I don't have an idea for a whole cohesive entry here, but it's been way too long. I really need to just write shorter entries more often.

I promised a training update. I got in a little bit of hot water with my trainer, because she wasn't super happy about how overcommitted I was with triathlon and half marathon training. I thought we HAD talked about it and it was okay, but maybe since there was so much going on in my life she was just being cautious. Either way, I'm signed up for both and just $75 from meeting my half marathon commitment to Dana Farber.

Basically, I have done a MESS of brick workouts. A brick is when you bike and then immediately run. It helps you get over the "my legs feel like a ton of bricks" feeling after riding a bike and trying to run, hence the name. Sometimes it's just a long (for a sprint tri) bike and then a run. Other times it's a medium bike distance, followed by 5 or 6 jog/sprint intervals and then the whole cycle is repeated. I do 4 of those bricks a week, one day of my getting my butt kicked personal training and one 75 minute swim class.

In the interest of not having a pictureless post, here I am, mid-brick at the Cape Cod Canal at Scusset Beach. Yes, I will probably wear this obnoxious hot pink tank at the tri even though I complain about the "pinking and shrinking" of women's sporting goods.

Recently I've been doing some short open water swims in my rental wetsuit. I got mine from , which came highly recommended and I can't be happier. I've never put on one before, but they did such a good job picking out one for my height/weight/shape and gave such good instructions for putting one on that I felt comfortable in it right away.

The OCEAN notsomuch. I picked a real crap day to do my first open water swim. I also broke rule number one and did it alone. Well, my Mom drove me out there and brought her book (you know, for like the 10 minutes I swam) but when the current started pulling me and my awesomely bouyant wetsuit out away from shore, I thought she might not be amused if she looked up from her book and I'm there all waving, getting smaller.  "No worries...imma just ride this rip current out and swim around. BRB!" So yeah, I had one of those swim! SWIM! SWIIIM!!! swimmyswimmyswiiiiiiiiiimmmmmMMMMM!!! moments. I was fine. I just didn't like that I felt like I should be moving faster, but in reality, there was no way to know how fast I was going. I would honestly rather not wear the wetsuit at all, since that's what I'm used to and the cold really doesn't bother me. I know that it will help me swim faster in the long run though. Plus, if I do get nervous, it does add the security of buoyancy. Which also feels weird and bugs me out.

Mostly all of this training has gone great. Right now I'm having some trouble with my back being sore and spasming. Right now I should just be getting home from swim, but I had to skip it. I hate that since I know I probably can'y squeeze in a make-up without sacrificing other training, but it won't help me to make myself completely immobile either. Tomorrow I plan on doing a brick, which is SUCH a pain in the butt in Boston. It's so hard to find somewhere that isn't crowded by a million other people or where you won't get run over. (I'm looking at YOU MBTA bus who almost right hooked me. Glad I cold broaden your vocabulary.) I'll get over it. Then I'll wait for The Husband to get home from work to drive me to Carson beach so I can do a 1/2 mile swim. This is the area my triathlon is based out of, so I think I'll feel a lot better with that behind me. Friday I volunteer with Back on my Feet at 5:45am and then I have personal training. Saturday is work. Sunday is long brick day at the Cape Cod Canal. Then I have 4 more days of work, vacation and a tri at the end!

Speaking of vacation, next Friday I'll be headed to Maine to visit family! Yay! I cannot wait. It's also the weekend of the Maine Lobster Festival and we plan on doing the 10K. My inlaws always volunteer on course and take a ton of great pictures too! It's always a great combination of family, fun and relaxing on the porch.

I'm a little nervous because I pretty much know exactly how much time I have (or don't) fot tri workouts, but if I wasn't like that, people would probably start checking me for a pulse.

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