Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why I'm running for Dana-Farber

On October 7th this fall, I will be running my third half marathon with the Boston Athletic Association. This year I will be fundraising for Dana-Farber Cancer Center. To those who have donated, thank you so very much!

I am $300 of the way to my $500 minimum and I'd really like to raise $1,000. If you would like to donate and haven't received the link on facebook or through email, you can email me or comment on here.


My first memory of knowing what cancer was, was when I lost my grandfather to lung cancer when I was around 7. I was too little to understand that he had even been sick, and at first I didn't really understand that I wouldn't see him anymore either. I did understand that my Mom had been out somewhere and came home sadder than I had ever seen her. That made me sad too, although I still wasn't sure why. Back then, my Mom was the same age I am now and one of my aunts was only 17 or 18. There were also three other children in their family, along with my grandmother. I run in his memory and I run because none of them, my grandfather or his family, should have to go through that.

I saw someone else fight breast cancer, and win, although I barely remember it since I was so young. I run for her and her family too.

Later, in middle school, I had a friend who had a type of lymphoma. I knew she was sick and often felt weak and had dizzy spells. I saw that she lost her hair, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. It just didn't seem fair (and it wasn't) that a child could get cancer. We were basically children at that point, even if we thought we weren't! I remember how I tried to imagine how I'd feel if I was her and couldn't. I remember being impressed with how, no matter how badly she felt, she was always kind and had a great spirit (and still does). I run for her and for the fact that no child should have to worry about more than the sniffles when it comes to their health.

Then there's:

Colon cancer survivor

Lung cancer survivor

Skin cancer survivor

Someone lost to head/neck cancer

Prostate cancer

Two survivors of salivary gland cancer, the same type that took Adam Yauch. One of them is my age. The other fought it and beat cancer for the second time.

I run for all of you above and anyone else I didn't put on this list. I run for anyone who has hurt seeing someone they love suffer. I run because someone I love is facing it again.

I run because it's another way I can help someone fight.

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